Be the rain to their fire

Dear people,

We’ve had so many opportunities to save the world, yet we neglected it every time. Right now it is not the time to turn our heads and ignore what is going in. Approximately 500 million animals have died already, 13 people have passed away and more than 4 million hectares of rainforest are burned… So many animals and people had to leave their home. Never to return again. It’s depressing to see every inch of australia being affected by this all. They try everything over here, yet their own strength isn’t enough….

And that’s why people of the world, we need to stand up. Be united. Save everything that we can. Let’s try to give a helping hand to Australia. Be heroes and then we might still have a rainforest to see, or animals to cuddle, or Australian people to live in their houses. Just a small amount can change the situation. Be the person that helps out the world, save Australia.

I’ve seen the consequences, I’ll try everything that I can….

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